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تغطية الخريطة
The geographical area covered by the maps that are supplied in a sat nav package.
نوع مصدر الطاقة
What the power source is.
توافقية الماركة
What other brands this brand can be used with.
توافقية قياس الشاشة الأقصى

2.3 " 7
The maximum screen size which can be used with this product.
قناة مرور الرسائل (TMC)
Traffic Message Channel (TMC) is a technology for delivering traffic and travel information to motor vehicle drivers. It is digitally coded, using the Radio Data System system on conventional FM radio broadcasts. It can also be transmitted on Digital Audio Broadcasting or satellite radio.
شاشة واسعة
Widescreen images are a variety of aspect ratios used in film, television and computer screens. In film, a widescreen film is any film image with a width-to-height aspect ratio greater than the standard 1.37:1 Academy aspect ratio provided by 35mm film. For television, the original screen ratio for broadcasts was 4:3. In the 2000s, 16:9 TV displays came into wide use. They are typically used in conjunction with high-definition television (HDTV) receivers, or Standard-Definition (SD) DVD players and other digital television sources.
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