Icecat demos

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Welcome to the Icecat demo site. This website includes short product videos regarding the Icecat services. These product videos are also listed on every separate product page.

Logistical data and rich product content flow

The following product demo gives insight in:
  • The distribution flow of rich product content and logistical data (like stock, price etc.)
  • The role of Icecat in the channel
  • The role of your distributors

Example of an Icecat data-sheet

The following product demo shows all (rich) content features which can be included in an Icecat product data-sheet.

Standardization of data

The following product demo explains why your channel partners prefer standardized data by Icecat instead of no-standardized data available at manufacturers.

Multilingual product data-sheets

The following product demo shows manufacturers the value add of providing multilingual product data-sheets, by participating in Open Icecat.

Cross-sell & up-sell

The following product demo shows the Icecat possibilities regarding automatic cross- and up-sell of your products at your channel partners webshops

Market Intelligence

The following product demo shows some examples of market intelligence reports, participating manufacturers can receive.


The following product demo illustrates Hatch's services: converting prospects into buyers.